Processing: Meditative Flash Fiction

One the issues with being a human is we have the innate desire to look at the “oh neat, new, and shiny.” This desire draws away from the most important thing a creative person needs to do: finish things. Halfway through the book an idea pops into the brain screaming “Hey! Check me out! I’m amazing!” And they typically are, but the problem is they all are. The short story, novel, painting, script, program code, or whatever you’re working on started as one of these “oh shiny” ideas and it’s possible it caused the abandoning of another idea. It’s an itch that either has to be meditated away, or dealt with. I choose to combat the desire by invoking a temporary truce with the project I’m working on in favor of a quick jaunt into another land.

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Ramblings: An Introduction to Five Sentence Fiction

Writer’s Block
phrase of writer
  1. The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

That should sound familiar to just about everyone. Everyone has experienced it in some form or another, and amazingly, it doesn’t just happen to writers. Public speakers fall into this problem, even if they have a script in front of them. Musicians run into it all the time. It is generalized into the inability to move forward on the task at hand due to your brain remembering that it is secretly holding you hostage.

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the Trans-Dimensional Café -or- Echoes of the past

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I became a fan of podcasts back in 2006, when my wife bought me an iPod Nano for my time working in the corporate world. I filled that thing with what I thought was enough music to keep me sane in the cubes, and The Flaming Lips, Journey, and Pink Floyd filled my ears during those 10-key days. But eight months of the same music started to burn me out. I craved more; something to keep my mind active while still letting me stay productive at the day gig. Enter podcasts. NPR at first, but then onto Escape Pod and Pseduopod. The latter lead me to Mur Lafferty and from there to the world of Farpoint Media and the dozens of shows I latched onto from there. In 2007, things got kind of muddy as the expanding 2007-2010 web of podcasts lead me to audio fiction, new favorite authors, great interviews, and more. Through all of that, I kept hearing the same echo “podcasting has a low bar of entry, you should do it.” Heck, many of the shows on the network shows I listened to had blossomed from fans of other shows, so why not?

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